Sunday, 1 January 2012

Nii Tekio - New Works - Dec 2011

Nii Tekio is a male artist from Accra in his 30's. He has two ways of working : painting the 'normal' realistic picture and painting with strokes of colour. The latter style continues to amaze me; because seeing them face to face it amazes you how a person can use strokes of colour to make a scene so visible and very relalistic. He paints scences of things he sees especially in Accra, Ghana. He also paints portraits (an can be comissioned to do so) which are brilliant.
He works with acrylics on canvas.

I once asked him how is came about painting with strokes of colour and he replied by saying:
'One day I was watching the rain fall, and as you know it falls in strokes and then the idea just came to me.' God-given perhaps? It will be easy to say so. His works are even more impressive in real life than in a picture format.
He has many fans around the world and  has exhibitied many times in Ghana and in Washington, USA, with great success.
He is a family man, quite too; but his actions show his bolder inner strength.
I will be getting a full interview with the man soon, and sharing it with you. :)

Here are some pictures of recent paintings by Nii Tekio:
Area Arrival, 36"x26"

Message from the Horn 36"x26"
Calling for a Message 36"x26"
Daily Bread 40"x50"
Day by Day 36"x26"
Eye of God 30"x30"
Fishermen Eye 40"x50"
Legendary 40" x 50"
Market Day 40"x50"
Market Women 36" x 26"
Message from the Tune 50"x50"
Once a kid always a Kid 36"x26"
Portrait 7 30"x20"

Portrait 5 30"x 20"
Rain Dey 40"x50"
Street Market  36" x 26"
Street Dancer 36"x26"
Townscape 36"x 26"
Two heads are better than One. 26"x26"
We will get there. 35"x50"
Women Pride 36"x26"
Faces of Africa 40"x50"
Portrait 6  30"x 20"
Portrait 11 30"x20"
Mother Africa 1 30"x30"
Mother Africa 2
Mother's Sweat 36" x 26"

Preparing Night Mash  40"x50"

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